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vRNI (Network Insight) REST API script to add Applications

Adding applications in vRNI to map the collected traffic flows is really helpful to make sense of the huge amount of data collected. Also specific firewall rules can be generated based on the Application (filter) defined in vRNI.

Creating applications manually using the web GUI is a pain in the @$$! and will cost you a huge amount of brainless effort/time. Lucky VMware released vRNI v3.6 with a REST API feature, which makes it possible to GET and POST data using Token-based authentication and JSON application language.

The current version of my script polls all VM’s form vCenter and then creates a ┬ávRNI “application” for each VM, mapping all the traffic from the specified VM to that application. After doing so it’s also possible to generate specific firewall rules for each VM, making micro-segmentation childs-play.

NOTE: after running this script in a full scale customer envoirement I found out that the application limit of vRNI is currently at 1.000 applications. This is probably just a soft limit but I will consult with VMware about this restriction and update my blog when I get a response.


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