Seeing the NSX-T DFW or Distributed Firewall is now available as a separate product called NSX Security I thought it was time for quick 10 minute demo of a few of its many capabilities.

Running NSX Security is easy as pie, since it leverages the VDS version 7 and higher to embed the NSX filter drivers. So adding Layer7 stateful firewalling to an existing vSphere environment is a matter of minutes! just deploy the NSX-T manager OVA and connect to the vCenter, Prepare the vSphere hosts and you my friend are really to do some serious firewalling (even withing the same L2 domain or VLAN).

It could not be easier, don’t take my word for it, check out this quick demo:

The demo just creates a ANY ALLOW within the application bubble its self, of course we could define specific traffic rules or leverage NSX Intelligence to create those for us.