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vMAASM is back from hibernation! but what happened?!

It’s been quit on vMAASM.nl for some time now, but it’s back! Alive and kicking and refuelled with energy, but what happened?!

About one year ago (August 2018), I stepped out of the VMware world (You did WHAT?! Yes, I know! let me explain..), being pulled back to the “dark-side” of (Cisco) physical networking boxes and CLI interfaces. As those who checked out my LinkedIn profile might know, I’ve got a background in (physical)networking and security. As part of my working history I’ve send about 3 years in the mission critical environment of Royal Schiphol Group, one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe transporting over 63 million passengers yearly. During this time I was part of a project team tasked with replacing the Core, Data-centre and BAS (Baggage handling system of Schiphol) networks. An truly awesome task! Working together with Cisco Advanced Services and Vosko on Cisco ASR, Nexus, ACI and Catalyst equipment. The project was a complete success with no unplanned downtime impacting the operations of the airport.

Working with Cisco ACI had sparked my interest in SDN and with that It’s competitors. It wasn’t long before I got into contact with ITQ and was introduced into the VMware world, implementing VMware NSX and vRealize products. In just 10 short months I obtained my VCP-NV and VCIX-NV certification, vExpert status, presented on VMUG -NL and was preparing for the VCDX-NV exam. Then out of the blue, based on my experience at Schiphol a perfect match and extended opportunity was found at LVNL (Dutch Air-Traffic Control), designing, building and ultimately replacing the Core ATC (Air Traffic Control) network.

Still feeling love for the aviation world and confronted with an awesome technical challenge and opportunity, the pull of the dark side became too strong and I let myself be pursued in leaving ITQ and with that an bright SDN future as a VMware NSX virtualisation consultant and decided to join the LVNL as an Senior Network Engineer.

So for another year now, I basically for-filled the job in which I had years of experience. I configured physical(networking) boxes, CLI interfaces, ACL’s, SNMP monitoring and managed on-premise cable and equipment administrators. But something felt off, something deep inside me was changed forever. Knowing the force of SDN and the speed at which it currently travels and evolves, the old dark world of physical networking felt slow and static. I felt powerless, even though I’d scripted and automated most of my common tasks and changes. (Read all about this in my separate blog post: Soon to be Released)
LVNL typically is a company at which you can work for a life time and most people do, but I decided I was in there for the technical challenge, which was fading fast with the project coming closer to being completed.

Then I got “THE” message, apparently during my time at ITQ, I made some friends and impressions in nice places, VMware to be exact. And they were actively searching to fill the position of Solution Engineer Pre-Sale NSX specialist. Music to my ears and fuel to my imagination!

No need to explain what happened next: YES! I’m a VMware Employee now!

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