Last August i’ve joined VMware as a Specialist SE Networking & Security but what does that mean exactly? I hope this blog post will help to clarify!

Some customers think of a SE as a Sales Engineer and believe my role solely is to sell licenses, no matter what. Luckily this is far from the truth! A VMware SE is a Solution Engineer, who can either be a Generalist (wide knowledge cross business units) or a Specialist (deep knowledge in a business unit portfolio) and both of these have no (or little) notion of VMware licenses and (list)prices at all!

Their/My job is to be a trusted advisor tasked with discovering, selecting and proving the right solution to solve (known or unknown) business problems. For this to happend they/we need a close relationship with the business/customer, in which VMware is willing to invest (a lot of) time. So if you are open to invest some of your undoubtedly valuable time in talking to a VMware SE, we will help you to identify and solve business problems that ultimately provide truth business value.

VMware has a throughly awesome portfolio and it is expanding fast, strengthening its position in multiple markets and is quickly becoming a one stop shop for the entire enterprise and cloud markets. But the extensive portfolio can also be dazzling and a bit much to take in, the VMware SE can also help explain the portfolio and provide guidance where products should be positioned. Translating complex and technical solutions to business value/results is what an VMware SE is all about.

So when a VMware SE gives you a call, please don’t be frighted, open up and share your experiences. Tell him/her your business drivers and challenges, i’m quite sure we can help you out! (and if we can’t we will honestly tell you).