Do. 19 mrt. 8:50am – 6:00pmVMUG_Orange_logo_PNG-02
De FabriqueWestkanaaldijk 7, 3542 DA Utrecht, Netherlands map richtingen


19th of March it’s that time of the year again, VMUG-NL 2020 in Utrecht! Where i will be hosting a session on the main-stage telling you all about Load-Balancing for a Hyper Connected world. I will be doing a live demo, showing off the capabilities of the AVI Networks or NSX Advanced Load-balancer (ALB). Configuring load-balancing on the fly and demonstrate first hand why all web-applications should run WAF (Web Application Firewalling).

“Connect and protect the next generation of applications and workloads, no matter where and in whatever format they might be running. Create a mesh of services over multiple geographical location while remaining in complete control using central orchestration, automation and traffic-analytics.”

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